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At The Village we have a great range of top end Sprockets form all the best brands. The type of sprocket that you should reflect your style of riding, and how much stress you place on the drivetrain. As a general rule, you should pick a sprocket that fits into the standard 2.75 gear ratio (the number of front sprocket teeth divided by the number of teeth on the rear driver). Common gear combinations are: 23/8, 25/9, 28/10. 

A combination that has a smaller gear ratio will be easier to pedal at first, but you will “max out” faster, meaning you won’t be able to pedal anymore once you reach a certain speed. The opposite goes for a larger gear ratio. It will take more force when you start pedaling, but once you are moving at a higher speed you will still be able to pedal. As we mentioned, for most riders the standard gear ratio of 2.75 will function just fine for everyday riding, so choosing a non-standard ratio should only be for the riders that need a special setup for their style of riding.