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The Village BMX are your Brake Specialists. BMX Brake setup can be tricky & the most difficult part of your BMX Bike setup. Upgrading your BMX brakes is an easy way to increase performance, shed a bit of weight and maximize the bling factor of any bike. 

There are three basic types of BMX brakes: U-brakes, V-brakes, and caliper style brakes.

U-brakes: These are the standard brake style used on all dirt, park or street bikes. They mount to the brake bosses on the seat stays of the frame. U-brakes are extremely durable and their contoured design keeps them out of harms way.

V-brakes: These are standard issue on race bikes. V-brakes are lighter and offer very powerful braking, but their design exposes the brake unit to more abuse than U-brakes, making them less conducive to freestyle applications. V-brakes also mount to brake bosses.

Caliper: These are the predecessor of U and V-brakes. These days it is rare to see a BMX come stock with caliper brakes, unless it’s a children’s bike. The main difference with caliper style is that they bolt into a hole drilled in the frame rather than to brake bosses. The are also usually weaker than U and V-brakes.

The type of Brake Pad you fit can also greatly affect your brakes performance.

Rubber Pads: Rubber pads are still around & have better braking but they wear fast & leave black marks on your rims.

Nylon Pads: Nylon Pads come in clear or a range of clear colours, they don't leave marks and can be quite effective but sometimes they go hard or develop a build-up that needs to be rubbed off, the best thing to do with nylon pads is rough them up on the concrete before & whenever they get squeaky.