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The Village stocks a full range of all your favourite BMX Chains, choosing the wrong chain can definately spoil your day!

Most park, street and trails riders use 1/8-inch width chains. There are also extra wide, heavy-duty chains that are 3/16-inch wide, but they aren’t use very often.

There are two types of BMX Chains; Traditional & Half Link

Traditional – Traditional chains have been around the longest and are used on most bikes. This style is made up of an alternating outer link/inner link configuration. To shorten it you have to remove one of each type of link – one outer and one inner.

Half-Link – Half-link chains are made from several of the same links. The link starts at the width of an outer link (on a traditional chain) and narrows to the width of an inner link. This style has only existed in the BMX world for a relatively short time. Because of the link design, you can get much more precise with the position of your rear wheel in the dropouts. Half-link chains aren't better or stronger than a traditional chain, but the half-link design can solve wheel position problems.

Investing in a good quality Park Tool or Chain Breaker can also mean the difference between having a good park session or walking home!