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The Village is your BMX Rim specialists. We build Custom Wheels & straighten wheels for the best BMX Riders every day. We stock all the latest styles & colour BMX Rims from all the top brands.

The first thing that should be considered is your style of riding and how much force you exert on your wheels. If you are a lighter rider you will be able to run single walled, lighter alloy wheels without major issues. However, if you are riding dirt, park, or street, you will want a rim that can take the physical stress of spinning, jumping and dropping.

Pinned rims use a small piece of metal to hold each end of the rim together at the seam. The issue with pinned rims is that a strong impact to the wheel (casing a jump for example) can knock the pin loose allowing the seam of the rim to separate. Because of this, pinned rims are generally the weaker variation, and are often used on lower end completes and wheelsets. Welded seams are the strongest option, and are generally used in more expensive, higher-end rims.

Rim Height can also be an important factor to consider. The rim height and shape will affect the wheel’s braking surface. If you run brakes, a rim with shorter or curved wall may not work as well as a BMX rim with a tall flat wall.

Because wheels are expensive and can take a lot of effort to build and maintain, you want your wheels to last, so picking a rim that will be able to withstand your riding is crucial.