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 The Village BMX has you covered with headsets to suit all the common BMX frames. The most important thing to consider when looking for a headset is knowing the style of headset that fits your frame. BMX Frames are designed to use one type of headset, if you're not sure what type you need then one of our experienced staff will be happy to give you advice. Just drop in or give us a call!

The headset is the bearing set inside your frame that allows your bars and fork to spin freely. There are several different designs and styles available.

 Types of Headsets:

Integrated Headsets – Integrated headsets use sealed cartridge bearings. These bearings are pressed directly into the headtube of the frame without the need for additional bearing cups or shims. This system is the most widely used style of headset in aftermarket BMX frames.

Internal Headsets – Internal headsets, also sometimes referred to as “semi-integrated headsets,” use a press-fit system that functions similar to an integrated headset design. The difference is that internal headset bearings do not rest directly inside the frame, but instead use an additional shim or bearing cup inside the headtube to position the bearings.

It can be difficult to tell the difference between integrated and internal headsets unless you know what to look for. If there’s any difficulty discerning between the two, look for a thin bearing cup or shim resting just above or below the headtube. If there is one, you likely have an internal headset.

Standard Headset – Standard headsets are found in older frames and complete bikes. This headset uses bearing cups that are pressed into the top and bottom of the frame, and the bearings rest outside of the headtube. Because the bearing cups are positioned externally, it is easy to identify this style of headset without removing the component.