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Why Should You Have Custom BMX Wheels Built?

If you’re a rider with any amount of experience, you know the value of a great bike and all the accessories that go along with it. Ordering a stock wheel and forgetting about it won’t cut it: wheels take substantial abuse and endure years of asphalt and concrete hits. And the more your skills increase, the more you need not just an average wheel but a perfectly aligned, expertly crafted wheel that lets you take full advantage of your talents on the bike.

Benefits of a Custom Wheel

One of the benefits of a custom wheel is that it can be created just how you want it: combining all the components important to crafting just what you need as a rider. Combine the rim, hub, and spokes to make the perfect wheel for your bike. Plus, when built by a trained wheel builder, the wheels will be trued as perfectly as possible. This makes brake adjustment easier and more reliable, provides you with much better chain alignment, enables your bike to have a straighter, more efficient ride, not to mention better balance and positioning.

Doing It Yourself vs. Having Them Custom Built

While many riders build their own wheels, and we sell all the parts involved for doing so, there are significant time and equipment restraints for everyone to do it on their own. It can take many wheels and many long hours spent installing spokes and aligning the rims before you start getting good at the process. Not to mention, the tools and equipment are specialized and it’s not always easy to buy them just for a couple wheels. That’s why we offer our wheel building services, to enable more BMX riders to get on the pavement as quickly as possible.

Getting the perfect spoke tension is one of the most difficult parts of building a wheel. Uniform spoke tension is imperative to truing the wheel, and it can take years of experience before perfectly truing a wheel. 

Tension uniformity means that you’ll have a straighter wheel, aligned properly, and will be much more durable than a wheel that’s even slightly off balance. It’s almost impossible to tell if spokes are aligned by sight alone, and that’s where we come into play. Our build process means that we pay attention to alignment, making careful adjustments and measuring tension as we construct each wheel for you.

Why Are Custom Built Wheels Better Than Stock?

There are many inexpensive, well-built replacement wheels available for purchase, and we recommend many of them for those starting out on their BMX adventure. But if you’re looking for the next step in BMX, we’re happy to show why a custom wheel can be just what your bike needs.

Especially if you’ve got expensive hubs which are too good to throw away, we can build a wheel around them by adding the perfect spokes and rims. Add some expert alignment and a solid tire choice, and you’re well on your way to having a professional-level machine that lets you ride at full spec.

As well, the particular combo of hubs, rims, and spokes that you want for your bike might not be readily available for quick purchase. If you’ve got your eye on a particular rim that you want to pair with an unusual hub (like an internal-gear hub), we can build this for you.

Hubs, Spokes, and Rim Choices

If you’re looking for a particular hub, check out our line of parts including hubs, hub guards, freecoasters, axles, bearings, and more. The brands we carry include Colony, Odyssey, Division, BSD, and many others. Or go all out with a Jake Seeley Profile hub!

If it’s spokes and nipples that you’re needing, we’ve got those as well. Our selection of spokes includes items from DRS, Colony, Total BMX, and Vocal BMX. They come in a variety of styles: black, multi-colored, rainbow, you name it!

As far as rims, our range includes models from Colony, Cult, G-Sport, Total BMX, and more. Take a look at our entire range of rims in our category page.