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KOTA KAMPS @ The Village

Dakota Schuetz is back in Australia this summer and running two coaching camps at The Village!


As part of Aussie Kota Kamp Summer Tour Dakota & his crew will be at The Village January

Tuesday 9th & Wednesday 10th

Kota Kamps focus on helping keen beginner scooter riders become competent and confident park riders, and to help intermediate and expert riders improve their skills. All participating riders will get the chance to personally learn from and ride with Kota throughout each event, and gain a wealth of experience.


Each Kota Kamp will run from 10.00am – 4pm and including Lunch


Spots are strictly limited to ensure every ride receives hands-on instruction. As well as having a great time & improving their riding skills, participants will also gain knowledge on scooter fundamentals, such as:

  • The basics of equipment, technique, and tricks.
  • Park riding skills and competition basics.
  • Insight into Filming, photography, and making quality edits that you can use to improve your riding
  • Fitness, flexibility, nutrition, and recovery.
  • Safety and park etiquette.
  • The importance of wearing certified helmets, as opposed to non-certified.

Tuesday January 9th – The Village Park & Supply - Brisbane - $140.00 (Max. 35 tickets)

Wednesday January 10th – The Village Park & Supply – Brisbane - $140.00 (Max. 35 tickets)


To secure your spot CALL 07 3172 1840   OR CONTACT US BY EMAIL