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Why Wear Protective Gear When Riding BMX

Why Wear Protective Gear When BMX Riding?  

Freestyle BMX riding is like regular bike riding on steroids.

If you’re practicing some gnarly jumps and stunts with your bike then be sure to get a good quality protective gear. Coming off your bike can cause injury which will probably hurt like crazy and put you out of riding for several weeks.

If you ride a bike, remember when you started to learn and the times you fell off the bike. Skinned knees, gravel in your chin and scraped hands –ouch! When it comes to riding a bike, crashing at some point almost comes with the territory.

Add the typical stunts BMX riders want to master, like doing wheelies, manuals and bunnyhopping the bike off the ground.. and, there’s going to be some falls. It’s all part of learning these new stunts which may look easy but take a lot of practice- a lot of tumbles, sore bodies and bruised pride.

Safety Gear

Protect yourself with the right safety gear so if you do ‘come a cropper’ you’re not going to get too badly hurt. After all, you want to jump back on that bike and try again!


Of course, the most important part of your body to protect is your head, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for when you’re picking out a helmet. 

BMX helmets need to be comfortable and keep your head safe without restricting your vision. A helmet needs to fit well and of course it needs to look good too.

Different types of BMX riding (freestyling/ racing) call for different types of helmets.

To be sure you have the right helmet check with us at the BMX store and discuss it with one of our pro riders.  The more expensive helmets offer more options such as adjustable straps, extra padding and better ventilation such as the popular TSG Dawn Helmet

BMX bike helmets are similar to skateboarding helmets and are available in different sizes and colours


BMX gloves are thin, light, flexible and protect your hands if you take a tumble and put your hands out to break your fall. Good gloves stop your hands slipping on the handlebars when you’re hot and sweaty and give you much better control. They come in a full range of sizes and some seriously funky designs.

Ankles, Shins, Knees and Elbows

If you don’t stick your landing, or the bike tips, your elbows and knees can hit the ground hard. 
Padding and other protectors are recommended, particularly for the knees, shins, wrists, and ankles.

Knee pads and ankle guards stress flexibility more than ultra-strong protection, but tend to sacrifice some of this protection for mobility. It’s important to pick knee and ankle pads  that are snug to avoid chafing. Most are one-size-fits-all, and can even be worn under jeans or normal pants. Shin pads have extra padding to absorb impact.


BMX safety gear will protect you when you crash or tumble.

And you’re going to.

Be safe and protect yourself from head to toe.



We take BMX riders safety pretty seriously!

Call through to our store and we will happily advise you on the right gear to suit your needs, or come in and try them on for size.