BMX Safety Gear: A Clothing Overview

Date Posted:3 October 2017 

As a BMX rider your body takes a lot of abuse: hours of riding, trying to land a trick over and over again until you get it, beating your shins up until you finally master the move. A rider with experience understands the importance and the value of good safety gear and apparel to keep your body up to par. But not just anything will cut it: using bulky, cheap gear is just going to get in your way, and if anything, cause even more problems. So going for purpose-made BMX gear is worth it for the rider who wants to excel.

The more your skills and expertise increase, the more you’ll want to invest in the right clothing and gear to protect yourself from a nasty spill, yet still lets you take full advantage of everything you need to do on the bike.

Different Types of Safety Gear

BMX Helmets

Helmets can be the difference between an accident, and an accident that cracks open your skull. But even as important as a helmet is, it doesn’t need to be too heavy or get in the way. That’s why we offer a range of purpose-built BMX helmets meant to keep your head safe, but not too bulky or annoying to wear. Brands that The Village BMX carries include Bern, DRS, TSG, and Vigor. For a simple open black helmet check out the Bern Brighton or Bern Macon. The DRS is an Australian-designed helmet available at a competitive price. And the Vigor 1080x is a skate style helmet that’s light available in a range of colors.

BMX Gloves

Gloves are essential to protecting your hands while riding. We carry an impressive range of styles from Fist with a huge range of styles and graphics: tye-dye, Maddo, Wolfzilla, Unicat, you name it. Check them out at our online store.

BMX Pads & Protection

Also important for riding safety is pads and protection: whether that’s for your ankle, knees, shins, or all three, you can prevent a lot of painful injuries by wearing the right safety equipment while riding.

There is a variety of ankle protection gear available, whether that’s something as simple as an ankle pad, or a full-fledged ankle support which wraps around your shoe to prevent sprains or worse. Some simpler pads just strap around the ankle in order to protect from hitting the frame of your bike while riding.

Knee pads are critical for insuring the integrity of your knee cap after landing the wrong way on pavement: which can be a game changer if not protected. Gain makes a sturdy neoprene knee pad covered in multiple layers of RipStop in order to prevent injuries during nasty skids. Also check out the combo pads which protect everything...knee, shin, and ankle...all in one pad.

Clothing & Apparel for BMX Riders

It’s not just dedicated safety gear that’s important for BMX riders: the clothes themselves are important. That’s why your standard shoes and pants can be an important part of saving your skin from a scrape.

Our shoe range include a classic collection of sturdy Vans, to Verve skate shoes which are excellent for BMX riding. The Vans Chima Ferguson Pro, for example, are built on Vans’ single-wrap Pro VULC construction which means they’re lightweight, yet still strong and ultra responsive.

Along with these shoes, you can wear a pair of FP Painkiller socks which are embedded with artificial cartilage foam in order to protect against shin strikes. Or just a standard pair of socks like our Stance, Vans, or FP athletic socks.

And, as always, a pair of sturdy jeans and a hoodie can save your skin from a scrape if you lay down your bike on the asphalt. Check out our range of BMX and skate apparel on our site!

Safety Gear & Apparel

It might not always be the first thing on your mind when you head out for a BMX session, but after a few minor incidents the need for appropriate safety gear is understood by every rider. We encourage gearing up to prevent against a dangerous accident that could keep you from riding in the future. So feel free to check out our whole range of protective gear (both online and in the store!) and let us know if there’s anything we can help out with. 

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