360 View of The Village Indoor Skate Park

Author: The Village   Date Posted:27 February 2018 

The Village has been working closely with virtualinspections to give you an Awesome 360 walk through our Skatepark & Store.

If your planning on a visit our Skatepark or just want a better look at the layout click in the image below or jump over to our Google Business Page 

As you would know we never stand still & always making changes & updates to the Skate Park to keep it interesting for you.

Since this virtual tour was taken we have added a NEW 12 metre Reis Box section. this is the Widest Resi in Australia and you are Guaranteed to blow your mind when you see it.

We will try & update the 360 view to include the Resi over the next fer weeks. The new Resi section will be officially opened Saturday 10th March so make sure you plan a session at The Village to ride our new section.