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Day After Day BMX DVD Premiere

Over the past year both Jayden Fuller, Lachlan Kirkwood and the DAD squad have been filming for their latest project, 'Day After Day', which is a full length BMX DVD. We've been stoked to follow along in the journey as these Village residents stack clips and piece this project together.

With the release of the latest trailer yesterday (video at the bottom of page), the crew have set the premiere of the DVD as the 28th of January and have welcomed everyone to come along to The Village to celebrate. If you were wanting to buy a copy of the DVD it's $20 which includes skatepark entry, a DVD and a Bunnings quality sauage on bread. Copies will be limited.

Before the release, we wanted to sit down with Jayden and Kirkwood to ask them a few questions about the whle project.


Tell us about how the whole project started, where did you get the idea to make a DVD?


During late 2015 my friend Tim Storey released the Cleveland DVD. I thought it was so cool that a group of people from our home town had made a DVD, it showed that anyone could do it. So not long after I approached Lachlan and ask if he was keen.


I remember just over a year ago Jayden and I were talking about DVD’s we’ve seen in the past. I do specifically remember saying that I’d love to see a DVD that solely focuses on park riding, so what better way to do it than to make a DVD ourselves. Have no fear though, we did however channel into our inner street skills and manage to end up filming a wide diversity of riding.


Who’s involved in the DVD?


Myself, Lachlan Kirkwood, Brodie Hanson and Adam Beauchamp have full sections, as well as Ben Winter and Jake Ryan who have a split section. There’s also two full friends sections.


I second what Jayden said. But just to expand on the friends section, there's features from:

Mickey Soole        Chris Courtenay          Tim Storey            Boyd Hilder

Josh Dove            Logan Martin              Ben Rountree            Josh Murr

Liam Murr                 Guy Perrett                       Jaak Bailey               Mitch Goodlad  

Braydon Kite        Shayne Mcauley



What was your goal you’d set out for the project?


Try to change things up riding wise. Rather than just filming park clips like filming for a web video, try to film more set up based clips at actual spots ect.


For myself, I wanted to create something on a physical disk that I could pull out in fifty years time, dust the cobwebs off and remember how much fun it was to film.


Where there any setbacks throughout filming?


Filming was surprisingly smooth, but as it got closer to the cut-off date everyone felt a bit of pressure to get their last clips. Thankfully everyone pulled through!!!


To be honest everything went quite ideally to our original plan. The only major setback we had was Liam absolutely obliterating his ankle! 



Why the name?


Riding kids bikes and stacking clips is what we do… ‘DAY AFTER DAY’.


The project documents what we love and do, ‘Day After Day’.


Any favourite memories throughout filming?


Every time someone was battling to get a clip, the amount of support the crew showed was awesome!!! It helped everyone push through and get their clips, no better feeling landing a trick after hours of trying and your mates are there to share the moment.


For myself there was one particular day where the whole group got together to head down to the Gold Coast for a solid day of filming. It was one of the few days that every single person got a clip for their part. This was also the day that Brodie landed his banger for his part and I snapped the majestical photo that is the DVD cover. Another honourable mention was when I landed my banger… I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so excited to land a trick before!



How many times did Beauchamp throw his bike whilst filming?


His bike and the ground are still close friends to this day...


Think of how many times you blink in a day, times that number by the amount of stars there are in the universe and you’re starting to get close to the amount! Haha. Nah he did quite well throughout the course of the year.


What can everyone expect from the DVD?


Most styles of riding are covered in this rather than just the traditional street style DVD, which we think is cool that it’s a little different. It shows a lot of growth in everyone's riding as everyone has progressed in the past 12 months.


I haven’t seen all too many DVD’s in my life, however from what I have seen in the past, our project is a little different from your traditional style. Our DVD highlights how close everyone is in our group, how diverse our riding styles are and how much fun we have as a group every time we get on our bikes.



Whose part are you looking forward to the most?


Honestly everyone's. Everyone has their own style and take on riding, stoked to see everyone's parts come together.


I heard that Kirkwood kids part is wild! Haha. Nah, I’m looking forward to Brodie’s part the most. I’ve known Brodie the longest out of everyone in our group so it’s been amazing watching him progress as much as he has over the past year.


What are the song choices like for the DVD?


Song choice/music selection is always hard when it comes to DVD/videos, we used more upbeat music for most parts as it gives the whole project a happier vibe.


I feel as though everyone shied away from what they’d traditionally use for standard web edits. We did have a phase going where we were all going to try and use pub rock classics as our song choices.



Is the end result what you had originally set out for?


It’s more than what we had hoped for, stoked on the end result!!!


I’m beyond happy with what we’ve created! The project has is far beyond what I had originally intended for the DVD to be. I just can’t wait to show to everyone!


Any last words?


Thanks to everyone involved it this DVD project, SEE YOU ALL AT THE PREMIER!!!


I just want to thank my sponsors at Mambo clothing for keeping me fresh! Haha. I’d just want to say that we put a lot of work into this project, so I hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do. Would love to see as many faces as possible there on the premiere night.


Check out the final trailer here!

There's also special appearances from:

- Mickey Soole

- Chris Courtenay

- Tim Storey

- Boyd Hilder

- Josh Dove

- Logan Martin

- Ben Rountree

- Josh Murr

- Liam Murr

- Guy Perrett

- Braydon Kite

- Shayne Mcauley

- Mitch Goodlad

- Jaak Bailey