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Village Instavid Competition

The Village is now online and to celibrate were giving away some great prizes for the best instavids posted over the next 4 weeks.

               The theme is 'WELCOME TO THE VILLAGE'  



  1. Go solo or get your crew together & start videoing
  2. Feature the VILLAGE logo in your Vid. Get creative!
  3. Post your awsome 30 second clip on Instagram
  4. #villagevid

All your Instavids will be loaded on the Village Instavid Comp page. We'll repost our picks each week

Winners will be announced 12 Noon Sunday 13th March. So Get creative & show us your best work

Prizes are not exchangable for cash. First prize will be express shipped to the winner where ever you live in the world!

this is the tiny print legal dudes use for stuff they dont want you to read. You know, 'whats the catch' stuff. if your still reading this your wasting presious time, you should be planning your Vid. good luck everyone, we cant wait to see what you come up with!!